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Magazine Interview:


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"...every track is a gem, each telling its own unique little story..."                                                                                                  (Uk Vibe )

Adrian Pallant

"Minardi’s penchant for visual music... is so evidently cinematic in its predominance of drama, urgency and storytelling, whilst also contrasted by delightfully delicate interludes."                            

(Adrian Pallant)

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"..a lovely album"


​​​"...lyrical and touching..."

(Evening Standard)

"...one of the most enjoyable “jazz” accordion records I’ve heard..."

(The Jazz Mann)

"...this is a beautiful album, weaving together jazz, folk and minimalist Classical music- the evocative melodies conjure up lasting images of comedy and pathos.."

(London Jazz)



"...another outstanding, stunning and beautiful album"  

(Rainlore's World of Music)

"...a standout recording, full of atmospheric music that combines immediately engaging hooks with sweeping narrative and emotional depth ... A pleasure from first note to last."
 (All About Jazz)

....musica dal pensiero cinematografico....


​​​​​​​​​"...this is a highly creative form of music and one that cuts across a variety of musical styles in the process"     

(UK Vibe)

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" Lyrical, intelligent, contemporary piano jazz with its roots in the European classical tradition and beyond..."

(The Jazz Mann)

"My Piano Trio ably demonstrates Minardi's strengths as a composer and musician, crossing the bridge between two musical worlds with imagination and grace "

(All About Jazz)

"The overall feeling is tranquil and meditative- interesting, crafted writing, fine playing and above all a strong emotional appeal " (LondonJazz)



"Minardi... has long established himself as one of the finest pianists on... the British jazz scene and beyond." (Rainlore's World of Music)

"With all the studious consideration of Bill Evans and the subtle intensity of Esbjorn Svensson, MY PIANO TRIO presents a beautifully tranquil and, at t