My Piano Trio


My Piano Trio

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Maurizio Minardi -piano
Nick Pini –double bass
Jason Reeve– drums   

Felice Del Gaudio –double bass
Roberto Rossi– drums 

Label: Belfagor Label
Catalogue: MM10
Year: 2012
Price: 13 GBP/ 15 EUR

CD Digipack

  1.     Shiny *
  2.     Poppies  *
  3.     Einaudito **
  4.     Perludio *
  5.     Clapham park **
  6.     Canicola **
  7.     Magritte **
  8.     Tulipano nero **
  9.     Breton **                   Bonus track:
  10. Magritte (remix) **


Maurizio Minardi piano

Jason Reeve  drums (Track * )

Nick Pini  double dass (Track * )

Roberto Rossi  drums (Track * *)

Felice Del Gaudio double dass (Track * *)

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Canicola  2011

by Anna Bianco


Einaudito  2010

by Anna Bianco

Clapham Park  2014

by Anna Bianco


music  by  Maurizio Minardi

2012 © copyright  by Maurizio Minardi

*Recorded at Livingstone studio (London) nov 2011, sound engineer Anthony Leing, assistant Simone Filiali

Mixed and mastered by Alex Balzama at Swift Studio (London)

Maurizio Minardi Piano

Jason Reeve  Drums

Nick Pini  Double Bass

** Recorded  and mixed at MODULAB (Bologna)  feb 2010

Sound Engineer : Matteo Valli

Maurizio Minardi Piano

Roberto Rossi  Drums

Felice Del Gaudio Double Bass

Pictures by  Stefano Candito (inside)  Eleonora Haller Zwierzchowska ( back)

Cover by Elisa Bianchi

Artwork by Paolo Forcellati