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Composed or played by Maurizio Minardi

Banane e Lampone (1992)
from album 'Morandi Morandi'by Gianni Morandi (BMG)
'Gemma' (1995)
from album 'Barbara Cola' (BMG)

'Franz Campi' (1993)
Album by Franz Campi (Ricordi)
'Marcello Fragola' (2004)
from album 'Saluta i Gatti e Buonasera' (Poli Positivi)
Revoice cover
© Roomspin Records 2015
'Honestly' (2011)
by Dott Reed (Intoit)
'Malanotte' (2007)
remix of 'L'Amantenuta' by Paul Marphy
(Afro Art Record)
'Improfive' (2010)
piano by Maurizio Minardi
(Flocastro Records)
'Lettera' (1998)
by Franz Campi
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