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Digital Album only

Music by Maurizio Minardi

Label: Belfagor Label
Catalogue: MM9
Year: 2011
Price: 10 GBP/ 10 EUR

I am very proud of this album.

I worked almost  3 years on it...


music  by  Maurizio Minardi

2011 © copyright  by Maurizio Minardi

  sound engineer: Alex Voltolina


  1.     Preludio Satie          
  2.     Escape from Bologna  (Fuga da Bologna)       
  3.     Dinner for Three  (Cena a tre)                       
  4.     Cofferatzinger remix                      
  5.     Too late now (Ormai e' tardi)
  6.     Lexotang          
  7.     The girl front the door (La ragazza di fronte)                 
  8.     Tangastrite          
  9.     The Impostor (L'impostore)
  10.     Via Senzanome remix
  11.     Penelope
  12.     Kos
  13.     Magritte Remix
  14.     This is not a Rumba (Questa non e' una rumba)

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