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Piano Ambulance
Cover Piano Ambulance

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Maurizio Minardi -piano
Shirley Smart – cello
Nick Pini –double bass
Jason Reeve– drums

Label: Belfagor Label
Catalogue: MM12
Year: 2014
Price:  17 EUR

CD Digipack

 This album focuses more on expressive connotations, seeking to appeal to the listener on an emotional rather than on an intellectual level.


1.             April Sun

2.             Piano Ambulance 

3.             Goodbye London

4.             Friday Almost  

5.             Secret Skin 

6.             Indulgence  

7.             Dangerous Innocence

8.             Seven Sisters

9.             Francesca’s Gloves 

Logo London Jazz

"His music has grace, tenderness and simplicity as well as moments of madness, and he has the ability to move an audience deeply "

                                                                                                              (Jazz Views)

composed and produced by  Maurizio Minardi 

2014 © copyright  by Maurizio Minardi

Recorded at Master Chord Studio (London) on April 2014 sound engineer Raoul Terzi

  mixed at Fastermaster by Raoul Terzi and Giorgio Massaro

edited at Slipway Studio  by Simone Filiali

Mastered by Alex Balzama at Swift Studio (London)


Maurizio Minardi piano

Shirley Smart  cello

Nick Pini  double bass

Jason Reeve  drums


Artwork by  Belfagor


Cover Photo by Anna Bianco

Back Photo by Aimua Eghobamien (Maurizio Minardi trio pic) and  by Ottavia Castellina (Shirley Smart pic)


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