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Maurizio Minardi -piano
Thomas Delor – drums
Maurizio Congiu –double bass


Label: Entourage Contempo
Catalogue: MM 14
Year: 2023
Price:  EUR

CD Digipack

Invisible among people, on the edge of a canal, the autumn rain on forgotten or abandoned objects, in search of free inspiration and wandering in the richness of everyday life, the 8 tracks of this album are like an itinerary imaginary. 





  1. Au Bord de l’Eau

  2. Promenade

  3. Miroirs

  4. Femme Lunaire

  5. Le Lendemain

  6. Automne sur le Canal

  7. Madame B

  8. Berceuse

Produced by Entourage Contempo

Distribuited by  Inouïe

Press agent:  

Digital marketing  Dooweet

Composed  by  Maurizio Minardi 

2023 © copyright  by Maurizio Minardi

recorded at Studio de Meudon (Paris) on Jan 2023

Sound engineer Julien Basseres

Mixed at Lo Studio Spaziale by Roberto Rettura 

Edited  by Checco Pallone

Mastered by Julien Basseres at Studio de Meudon (Paris)


Maurizio Minardi piano

Maurizio Congiu  double bass

Thomas Delor  drums

Artwork & inside photo by Stefano Candito

contact: infominardi(at)


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